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Dr. Nancy J. Williams
Professor and Director in the Department of Dental Hygiene at UTHSC

Dr. Nancy J. Williams is Professor and Director in the Department of Dental Hygiene at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, College of Allied Health Sciences. She is also an Associate Professor in the Department of Biologic and Diagnostic Sciences at the UT College of Dentistry. She has served as a member of the Tennessee Dental Association’s Concerned Dental Health Professionals’ Committee since 1992. She has served as a consultant to the Hazelden Foundation and Delta Dental Plan of Minnesota; her responsibilities included developing educational materials on methamphetamine induced dental caries for distribution to dental offices and clinics throughout the region. As the oral health consultant to the State of Tennessee’s Meth Destroys campaign, she has made television appearances, been interviewed for national newspaper articles, and has developed educational information for healthcare providers related to detection and dangers of methamphetamine abuse. Dr. Williams has lectured extensively on drugs of abuse and their impact on the dental office family. She has spoken on the topic of drug abuse at the Midsouth Dental Congress, ADA’s Conference on the Well Being of Dentist, ADHA’s Center for Life Long Learning and other regional, national, and international meetings. In June of 2010 she attended the week long University of Utah’s program on Alcoholism and Chemical

Chemical Dependency

This course will provide an overview of addiction and how this disease affects society and our practices. Behavioral and systemic health problems and intraoral signs of drug abuse are included. This course also includes an overview of street drugs and abuse of prescription medications.


  • Discuss a chronic disease model used to explain addiction or drug dependency.
  • Identify commonly abused prescription medications and street drugs and their related systemic health effects.
  • Identify intraoral manifestations of drug abuse.
  • Discuss the oral health team’s ethical role in identifying and assisting patients who are chemically dependent.
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