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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dr. Ken Parrish

Dr. Ken Parrish graduated from the University of Louisville School of Dentistry in 1989. He received his specialty training at the University of Iowa in periodontics and also received his PhD in microbiology. He is certified by the American Board of Periodontology. Dr. Parrish was an assistant professor in the Department of Periodontics at the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry before receiving an appointment as the Head of the Section of Periodontics at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation where he was the primary surgeon in the Center for Implant Excellence.

Full Arch Rehabilitation
With the All-on-4™ Technique

Many patients are living longer and do not find a complete removable denture acceptable. The demand for dental implants is rising exponentially and is now considered the standard of care. The practices that incorporate less expensive, immediate loading techniques will have the ability to offer the patient a great service.

Complete rehabilitation of the upper and lower jaw can be costly and time consuming. A new technique that has been common in Europe for many years has crossed the Atlantic and is becoming very popular in the United States.

This system is called the All-on-4™ because it utilizes only four implants per arch for an immediate complete full fixed-detachable screw retained prosthesis. The prosthesis is similar to the Brånemark hybrid denture that was developed years ago. The system can be used in the maxilla, allowing you to avoid sinus grafting or in the mandible, to avoid having to place implants posterior to the symphysis. The prosthesis can be completed the same day as surgery or the next day to accommodate the lab processing time.

Optimal Treatment Solution for Edentulous Patients Using the All-on-4 Treatment

Learning objectives

  • Explore treatment planning and diagnostics, and anatomical considerations
  • Apply guidelines for case assessment and selection
  • Appraise treatment options for edentulous arches including fixed and removable options
  • Compare several graftless procedures (All-on-4, short implants, narrow implants)
  • Consider surgical and restorative procedures for immediate function
  • Examine treatment options for the edentulous arch in compromised bone situations
  • Evaluate advanced techniques in connective tissue grafting and methods of soft tissue preservation
  • Investigate application of advanced flap design and GBR techniques to assist implant placement into compromised edentulous ridges
  • Assess indications, contraindications and treatment options for the different patient groups

Course abstract

Expanding the clinician’s awareness of surgical treatment options for edentulous arches, this advanced course will look at both fixed and removable options including the All-on-4 concept. Participants will focus on the practical skills necessary to selecting and treating edentulous patients. Building on concepts addressed in Surgical Techniques for the Edentulous Arch, this course will also investigate key elements of hard and soft tissue management. Hands-on exercises and demonstrations enable participants to experience surgical solutions more fully. Additionally, practice management and marketing techniques will explore the successful integration of implant-based dentistry in your practice. Please note: This course is designed for clinicians who have extensive experience in implant dentistry.

Participant prerequisites

Dental professionals who have surgically treated a minimum of 30 implant cases into healed sites and are undertaking basic hard and soft tissue grafting in practice.

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