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Dr Dwight D Duckworth
Private Practice
Springdale, Arkansas

Dr Duckworth is a life long resident of Arkansas (omitting time for military service and educational pursuits!) He holds a BS degree in Zoology from Arkansas State University and a DDS from Louisiana State University (1989). Dwight completed his residency training at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. While at the home of the 101st Airborne, he was "forced" to complete air assault school. Off to Germany for three years and back home to Arkansas where he has been in private practice since 1993.

Dr Duckworth stays busy with the Arkansas Dental Association, having served in various leadership capacities. He remains active with the Academy of General Dentistry as well. He was awarded Master's status from the AGD in 2004 and currently serves as chair of the Examinations Council.

Dwight is married to Dena. They support two daughters, Alyssa (19) and Ashley (17).

The Avadent Digital Denture: a revolutionary technique for dentures


CAD/CAM technology has allowed for the first major change in fabricating a denture in decades. Global Dental Science has developed digital technology that has brought the precision, speed and profitability of CAD/CAM technology to removable dentistry. This course will discuss and demonstrate the technique utilized for the construction of an Avadent Digital Denture. Avadent makes it possible for dentists to offer their patients a precise -fitting, aesthetic denture in as little as two appointments,

This course will cover key aspects related to optimally accurate records that can then be used by the company to produce the prostheses. Procedures to be discussed include making impressions, recording occlusal vertical dimensions and the fabrication process.


Following this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the clinical techniques required to produce optimal clinical records required for the Avadent denture, including the use of moldable impression trays and the use of an anatomical measuring device
  • Understand the laboratory procedures used to construct the computer--aided designed milled denture
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