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Friday, March 8, 2013

Amy Morgan
Dental Consultant &
Chief Executive Officer of Pride Institute

Amy Morgan is a renowned dental consultant and Chief Executive Officer of Pride Institute. Since joining Pride Institute as a consultant in 1993, she has greatly enhanced its time-proven management systems to revitalize thousands of dental practices (both general and specialty) so they can become more secure, efficient and profitable. Amy is a highly sought-after educator and speaker throughout North America and Europe who has been a featured speaker at every major dental meeting. As a result of Morgan’s vision, Pride Institute has had the unique opportunity to integrate its curriculum into a number of dental schools and residency programs across North America. As an author, she has written many articles for dental publications as well as training manuals that address the true issues doctors and their teams face every day in their practice with real solutions.

Doctor and Team
(Morning Session)

Creating the Ultimate Patient Experience

The economy is slowly changing for the better, studies show people are actually saving more, yet patients may still be saying “no” to your treatment plans. It’s time to make critical decisions for your dental practice to improve your relationship with your patients, boost your communication skills to receive the return on investment you and your team deserve; committed happy patients, increased productivity and peace of mind.

Smart, successful practices understand the importance of engaging both New Patients and Patients of Record to foster a deeper sense of commitment and loyalty. This course will focus on helping you and your team develop and refine communication skills, motivational techniques and negotiating practices that will successfully convert all your patients to the ideal next step.

Come away with the techniques to increase your treatment acceptance up to 85-90% on each patient resulting in increased productivity, profitability and quality of customer service.

Doctor/Key Administrator or Spouse
(Afternoon Session)

The Rules of Business to Reach Total Practice Success

Entrepreneurial dentists know in order to have the ideal dental practice one must create a plan, learn the numbers, and lead their team.

Keep your productivity on an upward growth trend of $100,000 to $200,000 this year by knowing your practice statistics, setting achievable goals and following the best models for cash flow and expense management.

The foundation for real progress comes chiefly through the RELATIONSHIPS the leader has with both patients and team members. When a dentist can inspire and motivate people to want to do what he/she wants them to do, then positive outcomes and results are the rule – not the exception.

By following these laws of business, your return on investment will naturally occur; increased productivity, a happy, inspired team and committed loyal patients.

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